Summer Souls in the Country Types of Designs

When choosing the design of a summer shower for a summer residence, it is necessary to take into account the frequency of its use and the material capabilities of the owner of the site.

In most cases, roofless buildings or souls are erected in the form of a cabin with a drain. You can also build a tarpaulin garden shower, but the most thorough will be the construction, erected on a pile foundation.

Outdoor Summer Outdoor Shower

The seasonal outdoor shower is a lightweight, insulated design.

Its device does not require large expenditures and time. There is the possibility of purchasing a ready-made shower.

This type of shower in the country is widely available for sale in different variations. You can choose any type and model.

Such a summer cottage shower is easy to erect on your own. It can be attached to the economic unit or located separately. The simplest option for a summer shower is a construction that does not require construction and consists of a tank with a handle and a tap, a hose, and a showerhead.

As can be seen in the photo, in the garden summer shower, the tank can be positioned at the required height anywhere where the water will be heated in the sun.

After that, put on the tap a hose with a showerhead at the end.

If there is no suitable horizontal crossbar on the site, on which a water tank can be hung at the required height, then its supply can be provided in another way. It is recommended to install a container below and to supply water to the showerhead with a special shower pump.

To erect this type of summer shower, you must first fence off the site. It should be a folded metal or wooden frame, which can be covered with any improvised material.

It is necessary to install four columns, fix a water tank above them, which is equipped with a shower net and a valve, and stretch fabric, an opaque film or tarpaulin between the posts.

If instead of using a large water tank small containers (10-40 l) are used, then pillars or a frame for a shower cabin are not required.

Water-filled containers should be brought into the shower and hung on a nail.

It should be borne in mind that in this design of the cottage shower, the water does not have time to warm up, so not everyone will like this type of summer shower. It would be more correct to install a stationary tank. It is desirable to make Reiki load-bearing by securing them crosswise. In the longitudinal direction, the bars will work in compression, they are able to withstand up to 500 kg. For a light shower design, a 50 or 100-liter tank is enough.

Look at the photo – for a summer shower in the country, like a water tank, you can use light and flat plastic tank, preferably black.

In summer, in the sun, the water in such a tank will quickly heat up to a comfortable temperature. In autumn, the tank should be removed and put into the pantry or utility block.

If a small amount of water is consumed when using the summer shower, then you can not build a pallet, but simply put a wooden grate under your feet, after sanding it with sandpaper and soaking it with an antiseptic. In the absence of a suitable grill, you can use a rubber mat.

There is another simple version of the design of the summer shower in the country: if there is a shed or utility block on the site, then attach a cabin (2 × 2 m) made of boards to it and install a tank or other tank at the top to warm the water. From a tank, it is necessary to take away a hose with the crane and a shower horn. Water in the tank will come through a rubber hose for irrigation from a water tap or using a pump from a bucket or well.

In addition, you can erect a summer garden shower for a summer residence with a float fence. This design will allow the use of water only from the top, well warmed up by the sun layer. It must be equipped with a crane driven by a foot pedal, which will save water.

These are the easiest ways to create a summer shower. If the shower is planned to be used throughout the season, the design should be more durable and capital, in such cases it is recommended to opt for the construction of cabins on the foundation and with an upgraded drain system.

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