Summer Souls in the Country Types of Designs Part 3

Construction of a Country Shower on a Pile Foundation

At relatively high height, the shower structure must have a stable base. For the construction of a strong summer shower, it is recommended to make a pile foundation of pipes whose diameter should be 100 mm and a height of 2 m. In the ground, it is necessary to drill holes under them, the depth of which should be at least 1.5 m. Above the soil level, the pipe should rise about 30 cm. The size of the beam for the frame should be 100/100 mm.

On the ground, you should measure the rectangle in the dimensions of the soul, and in the corners, you need to establish the foundation supports. After this, you can begin to install the beam and ligation of the pillars. It is best to assemble the frame on the ground and then fasten the structure with long bolts. It is recommended to carry out dressing inside the frame structure, as a result, floor lags will be obtained in the shower.

Rigid elements should be located between adjacent posts in the thickness of the wall. To drain water, the floor is best done with gaps between the boards. It should be borne in mind that sometimes you have to take a shower in cool weather when the air blowing out in the gap will be undesirable. You can also install a pan from which water will drain through a hose.

The most comfortable design will be a shower, consisting of a dressing room and a bathing compartment, which can be divided using a conventional bath curtain. In this case, the locker room should be separated by a threshold so that water does not flow into it. As an external upholstery, it is recommended to use a lining, sheets of moisture-proof plywood, fiberboard.

If the shower is planned to be used not only in hot summers but also in cooler weather, then it must be insulated. To do this, it is best to use polystyrene foam.

For interior decoration, special waterproof materials should be used (plastic, film, linoleum). Wood trim to be processed. It should be coated with varnish and painted.

On the roof of the structure, it is necessary to install a water tank, which can be connected to the water supply or filled with a pump. In addition, it is possible to equip the barrel with a plumbing valve, which will block the water when filling the tank.

For the best heating of the water in the tank, it is recommended to make a frame that will act as a greenhouse. It should be made according to the size of the container from the timber and covered with a film. In such a frame, the water in the barrel will remain warm even in windy weather.

Here you can see a photo of what summer souls are and choose a design suitable for your site.

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