Summer Souls in the Country Types of Designs Part 2

Summer Shower Cubicle With a Drain on a Summer Cottage

What other souls are there – easy to use and effective to use?

It will take a little longer to build a stationary summer shower-cabin shower than an outdoor shower, but it is more reliable and comfortable. To create the simplest stationary shower, you will need a shower cubicle, a drain for wastewater, a tank or a barrel.

There are also ready-made prefabricated showers, which differ in the level of comfort.

Pay attention to the photo – an automatic device for heating water can be included in the set of a country shower.

There are options for a ready-made summer shower with electric heating. In such designs, the water is heated using a heating element of various capacities, which has a shutdown sensor when the water is heated to a certain temperature. Such a shower can be taken in any weather, and not only on warm sunny days, but you should be careful when using electricity to warm water.

For the independent production of a stationary shower at the cottage, you will need a hacksaw, nails, a hammer, polished wooden blocks, and polished lining. An outdoor shower is most often constructed in the form of a small enclosed shield construction with a tank or barrel above it. A water tank made of plastic or metal is equipped with a pipe with a faucet and a shower net. Additionally, the container is covered with a lid that looks like a greenhouse. It is made of a frame and fitted with a transparent plastic wrap. Such a lid can protect the water tank from the wind and retain heat.

A summer garden shower for a summer residence, which is a booth with a sink, can be built from various materials. Often, such designs are made of plywood sheets or slate. The most ergonomic and clean material is wood. In addition, it does not emit unpleasant odors.

Even supporting poles are recommended to be made of wood. In this case, it will be easier to attach all the other structural details to them. Do not worry about the life of the wooden cabin. For prevention, it is necessary to grind and carefully paint those parts that will be deepened into the ground.

The most durable is the summer shower, which is a capital building made of brickwork.

Frame Summer Shower Made of Tarpaulin in the Country

This option will allow you to build a summer cottage shower, without resorting to high costs. The device of a tarpaulin shower using a metal frame will cost much cheaper than a brick shower.

For the construction of a framed shower for a summer residence, a canvas sheet, a metal profile, a plastic shower tank with a volume of 50-100 liters (preferably black), a watering can for a shower, a drain and a threaded tap are required.

A canvas summer shower is quite easy to build on your own. This design is convenient and functional. It is recommended to remove the tarpaulin for the winter, and the frame should be covered with cellophane so that it does not rust.

Water drainage is best done with a waterproof layer. To do this, it is necessary to lay a PVC film, hydrostekloisol or roofing material on an inclined embankment.

As can be seen in the photo, the slope of the summer shower for the summer cottage should be performed in such a way that the drain is directed towards the trench or drainage tank

It is advisable that the drain is ventilated, this will dispel unpleasant odors.

The problem of water flow can be solved using a septic tank. When installing a septic tank, it is not recommended to place it directly under the shower cabin. In summer, when the water flow increases, the septic tank can fill up, the drainage will work poorly, resulting in unpleasant odors.

It is best to place the drain a few meters from the shower and place a septic tank nearby.

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