Modern Landscaping

The history of landscape design originates from ancient times. The art of decorating gardens gained immense popularity during the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. Since then, its foundations have undergone great changes, and modern landscape design is already a bit like the one used by our ancestors.

Interest in this type of art flared up with renewed vigor thanks to new trends in construction. Cottages and country houses already do not resemble an ordinary country cottage, so many use them not only for temporary but also for year-round use. The design of the garden is paid no less attention to the interior of the housing. Arbors with barbecue facilities, cozy terraces, alpine hills, wicker hedges and much more are being built on personal plots. The techniques that designers use when decorating the landscape are so diverse that without much effort you can make your home unique, one of a kind.

Depending on your personal preferences, you can use the most diverse style in the design of your garden and the territory adjacent to the house. The most popular today are two areas of landscape design – regular and landscape.

Large spaces are created in a regular style. With it, you can emphasize the beauty of the house and make it the basis of landscape composition. Regular style implies specularity and symmetry – plants are planted on both sides of the house as if reflected in a mirror.

The most striking examples of the regular style are French gardens. The main tools in the design are living plants. Flower beds and neatly trimmed trees, ground grass, and classic sculptures.

Landscape style is simpler and closer to nature. A small pond, flower beds, wildly growing wildflowers and plants – at first glance, it might seem that the design specialists did not participate in the design of the garden. However, it is only at first glance to keep the territory untouched and as close to natural conditions as possible, it is sometimes much more difficult than using classical techniques. This style is suitable for those who love the only simplicity and beauty of the surrounding nature. The style may lack sophistication and sophistication, the main value of this style in an organic combination with the surroundings.

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