Modern English Style Kitchen

The English style in the interior of the kitchen is the embodiment of the best aristocratic traditions, which are characterized by luxury and sophistication.

Confident and slightly conservative people with impeccable taste give preference to this design of the kitchen.

The cuisine in modern English style is characterized by severity and restraint of forms and lines.

The interior always gives the impression of completeness and aristocracy.

However, when designing a kitchen in this spirit, it should be understood that all other rooms in the house should also be designed in this style.

Items for the interior of the kitchen are of high quality and completeness of design. They do not contain a variety of motley elements that are characteristic of Art Nouveau, do not attract attention to themselves with bright details.

According to the traditions of the English style, the kitchen should have a large dining table made of quality wood or slate.

You should also take care of the presence of a large number of lockers that will make the hostess stay in this corner of the house as comfortable as possible. Furniture must be supplemented with various clay objects – utensils, vases and flower pots.

At first glance, a kitchen in a modern English style may seem rather modest, but in fact, the design of such an interior requires the use of expensive materials. All furniture and other interior items should be characterized by high quality, durability, and reliability because they are bought for several years.

Another distinctive feature of the English style is practicality. The design must be functional, so it is important to choose furniture with many shelves, drawers, and cabinets.

In the English interior calm pastel colors prevail. As the background for the kitchen, you can choose cream, light gray, pale green or pistachio tone, it will set a good mood, will contribute to peace of mind and calm. An interesting combination of white and blue or white and gray.

The walls of the kitchen, decorated in an English spirit, it is better to wallpaper or decorate with wooden panels, tiles and painting are inappropriate here. In the British kitchen, you can see only a perfectly smooth light ceiling, for this, it is plastered and painted. In a modern apartment, it is possible to use a stretch ceiling.

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