How to connect a DEWALT track saw?

One of the best features of track saws such as the models offered by DEWALT is the ability to use the saw with a rail guidance system such as the TrackSaw system. This will allow you to attach the tool to the base of the guide and slide the blade over a long surface, leaving perfectly even cuts on the workpiece. To use this feature with your DEWALT Saw Guide Kit, simply purchase a guide rail of the correct length and attach the saw to the rail. Look rewires here

Once in place, you can achieve precise, straight cuts on any wood material. And for longer cuts, you can purchase track connectors that allow you to connect multiple tracks, making even the longest cuts easy and accurate.

How to set up a Festool track saw?

Setting up the track saw

Another great plunge saw company is Festool. This company makes quality tools that are as easy to use as the DEWALT TrackSaw system. To adjust the Festool track saw, the tool must be securely attached to the guide rail. When you place your tool on the staff, you will notice that there is a small gap between the machine and the track.

Tighten the cams onto the base plate to tighten the fit while not playing at all. Make sure you don’t overtighten the cams, because while you don’t want any clearance between the saw and the track, you also want it to slide smoothly without resistance. Once you’ve achieved the correct fit, the next step is to trim the splinter protection.

This strip is designed to hang over the edge of the guide bar, but once you have secured the saw to the guide, simply slide the saw along the guide to cut off the excess guard. Once this is done, simply attach the safety guard to the machine and you are ready to start a wide variety of woodworking jobs.

How do I change the blade on a track saw?

There are several brands that make great track saws today, but what they have in common is that they made these tools incredibly easy to use. While there may be slight differences between the models, most have a quick and easy knife change system that allows you to change knives in a matter of seconds.

On most models, you will need to engage the plunge mechanism to open the blade and simply remove the mandrel bolt. This will allow you to remove the old knife and install a new one. After installing the new blade, simply tighten the mandrel bolt and your tool is ready to resume work.

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